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SLU Hoodie


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Premium, mid-weight performance hoodie with ultra-soft hand and clean styling with Eco-Athletic™ Drawcords.

SODO signature rubberized performance drawcords, made from recycled athletic shoes.

MOSS | 87% Polyester | 13% Elastane | 370 grams

  • --Tetron Cotton (TCD) hybrid yarn
  • --Solution dry spin fabrication
  • --Post-knit light brush (crossgrain)
  • --Breathable, 360° stretch



  • --Stash Pocket
  • --Flatlock with SeamSoft lofted thread
  • --Eco-Athletic™ Rubberized Drawcord




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My Favorite hoodie
review by Jackson Beall on Jan 22nd 2016

Soft, stretchy, a great fit, made from excellent material, and it looks great too!

Best workout hoodie i've ever owned
review by David kinsella on Jan 22nd 2016

Great balance between weight and breathability. Incredibly soft fabric. form fitting without being constricting.

I can't believe it's not butter!
review by michael Yee on Jan 22nd 2016

The sales person Described this hoodie as buttery and boy was she right! I went From the popup store to lululemon and then right back again because i had to have this hoodie! Loving it so far, looKing forward to trying out other products soon!

My go-to hoodie
review by Phil Greely on Jan 22nd 2016

When i play tennis in the morning, this is my go-to hoodie. Hood up during warm up and on throUghout my match. Especially when outside and it's cool. Love it so much, i have two!

My new favorite
review by Peter Aoki on Jan 22nd 2016

This is a very unique hoodie. Its not your conventional heavier weight hoodie but a fitted lightweight hoodie. What makes it so special is the fabric, They call it moss. it is softer than cotton and maintains its fit after wearing all day. its perfect over a t-shirt but you really don't need one. try it, you will love it.

I haven't taken this puppy off since i got it!
review by Brian Nitz on Jan 22nd 2016

Just kidding. I've washed it a few times. This lightweight \shirt\" hoodie is the most comfortable thing i've ever worn. It's soft slightly stretchy material insulates but doesn't get me overheated. It repels drops of water and doesn't attract lint! Great for an UNDERLAY during the winter or on a mild Spring/fall day!"""

review by Steve HerLocker on Jan 22nd 2016

This is my first sodo apparrel but certainly wint be the last. Fantastically comfortable, warm but not too warm, and great breathability and sweat contRol. I love it!

Wash after wash, feels like it did on day one
review by Will Curry on Jan 9th 2015

I'm incredibly fond of my SLU hoodie. I've had it almost a year now. I've received several positive comments on how it looks from others but what's impressed me the most is how well it's held up after approximately 65-75 washes. I wear it during the colder months in the back country as a base layer or to the gym pretty regularly and it feels just a nice and velvety as the day I bought it.

Cooler than Nike, softer than silk
review by Owen Landefeld on Jan 8th 2015

This hoodie fits better than any other one I've worn - great tailoring for on teh street and in the gym. The fabric has an incredibly soft and absorbent hand.

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